Colston Office Centre

Bristol office refurbishment

We are currently very excited about our refurbishment of the building, which is now close to completion.

We have added showers for those who like to cycle or run in, or exercise at lunchtime. The entrance lobby has a completely new look, with upgrade videocom door entry system and new external lighting.

All new lighting uses low energy bulbs and is on a PIR system to meet our energy efficiency targets.

The serviced offices on the first floor has also been brought up to date, with new colours, layout and reception area. And, unique in Bristol, we are adding colour and style choices to the individual offices.

We feel that our clients would benefit from being able to create their own space, rather than all offices looking the same. You have a choice of colour schemes and furniture styles which you can use to match your personality or your business image.

There are three choices of furniture for your serviced office space: a traditional Maple range, a modern, architect style white and a darker, executive style Calvados. Match a contrasting or complimentary wall colour and chairs to make your space stand out.

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