Colston Office Centre

What will your Bristol office space mean to you?

Most people, when they think of office space, see large buildings in cities and towns, with long leases, significant capital expenditure and the prestige only afforded by larger companies.

This, however, is not the whole picture (in fact, even conventionally leased space does not look quite like this these days, but that's another story).

With a serviced office, you will still have prime space in a multi-tenanted building in a prestigious location – in our case, in the heart of the city centre. You will not however, have large overheads, require large capital sums or be tied to an inflexible, long-term lease.

Free up your time

What you will have is a flexible alternative, with significant cost savings.  Our modern business centre can provide space for one to 50 people with a host of time and money saving support services also available: reception, telephone management, secretarial and concierge.

On a day to day basis, we make it easier to react to your clients and prospects. If you're busy, we can take messages and ensure you never miss a call. This puts you on a par with larger companies that have greater resources, but without their costs.

Regular, controlled monthly payments include rates, utilities, service charge, maintenance and cleaning. This means you do not have to worry about sourcing and controlling these provisions as we manage them all.

Reduce costs

Because we buy all these services centrally for the whole building, then share them throughout the offices, there are significant savings for each individual company.

The wide range of services we offer also means that you need less staff, equipment and space. And you can rent space and services by the hour, day, month or year, leaving you in control of costs: everything is easy to set up and notice periods are short; you can grow – or contract – in accordance with the needs of your business.

And because licenses are very simple and costs are low, there is no need for capital or borrowing for up front costs or dilapidations. You can also benefit from discounts the Centre may arranged with suppliers like stationery, IT support, etc.

Increase business

We provide a prestigious BS1 address without a prestigious price tag. Rightly or wrongly, prospects may not look favourably on a home address or mailbox number, so it makes sense to take advantage of ours.

Add credibility, not just with the address, but with a new executive office: your own smart modern office suites, recently refurbished; your own signage, should you want; your own unique environment – using a range of colours and furniture to match your office space to your personality.

The way we represent you on the telephone, the support information and resources we offer, free local directory listings and the opportunity to tap into our network of contacts suppliers and potential collaborative partners all combine to give a more professional image to your clients and prospects.

Who is it good for?

A Colston Centre office suite is great for start-ups and small businesses, but it may surprise you to learn that serviced offices can be competitive with conventional leasing even up to 50 workstations.

They also provide a unique solution for temporary office needs such as for project or contract work, swing space, disaster recovery or market or product testing.

If you are outgrowing your home or virtual office, then serviced office space is a viable, economic option to ensure continued business growth.

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