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Small business support

At the Centre, we talk a lot about business support, but what do we mean by this and what effect might it have on your business?

For a start, there is valuable information from government (Start Up Britain notwithstanding), various agencies and online. Locally, when it comes to business support Bristol is second to none. There is a wealth of advice and information that we can help you find. We also have our own contacts and resources that could help your business.

Business resources

National resources like FSB, IOD, CIM, along with various websites and blogs all contain great information for start ups and small businesses. Issues like business planning and strategy, finance, marketing, HR, H&S, angel investment can be delved into in great detail and pointers on where to find more.

Local resources

Local agencies and networks giving similar information, but often with more detail on the local environment and issues relevant to the area, local networking opportunities, social groups and events.

Free consultations - we have many local business partners that offer free consultations. Experts in their field, they will provide free initial consultations proffering advice and direction based on years of experience and without obligation. If you need help with financial or legal issues, health and safety, employment law, business planning and marketing, please just ask us for more information.

IT support - bespoke, on-site or remote IT support with free initial audit and consultation. Our services include IT, software, web design and development and web/email hosting.

Business services matching - trusted, reliable suppliers ready to offer high quality service and preferential rates: from copywriters to sign-writers, from social media to media relations, from private health to health and fitness trainers and more besides.

Business services - we also have our own in-house services that you can benefit from on a pay as you go basis.


A host of recommended books, white papers, info sheets, e-books, etc that give information on a whole range of topics. And if you have anything of your own to contribute, don't keep it to yourself, let us share it here.

We also have copies of some of these books available to borrow from reception.


Find more information on our blog, which exists to:

- inform our clients and prospects of the issues involved and opportunities available when considering office space and related services, helping them make the best decisions for their business

- provide useful information, advice and resources to start-ups and small businesses in order to help maximise their potential



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