Colston Office Centre

Your serviced office space in bristol

Most people, when they think of office space, see large buildings in cities and towns, with long leases, significant capital expenditure and the prestige only afforded by larger companies.

This, however, is not the whole picture (in fact, even conventionally leased space does not look quite like this these days, but that's another story).

Free up your time

  • we provide reception, telephone answering and secretarial support

  • we take messages; even when you're not there, you never miss a call

  • we take care of all services

Reduce costs

  • sharing services with the rest of the building keeps costs down

  • rent services by the hour, day, week, month or year

  • no large up-front costs, no dilapidations on exit

Increase business

  • prestigious BS1 address for a professional image

  • dedicated office space, your own decor and individual signage

  • network with other business and use our resources and contacts

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Serviced Office

Shared Office



Floor Plans