Fed up with spam after networking events? Join the NHS!

I would like to start a campaign in support of NHS. Various agents have tried to change NHS policy, but I want to make it clear that there should be only one policy:

Networkers Hate Spam.

Am I the only person fed up with attending networking events and then being emailed later that day or the next with ‘Hi, it was great to meet you at the breakfast this morning…please buy from me’ when you never even spoke to them?

Do these folk think this is the way to behave; that networking is about pushing yourself at people, whether you have spoken to them or not, agreed to follow up or not, or even actually talked to them or not?

Lloyds TSB make it part of their policy to ask attendees not to spam. If you have made arrangements to follow up with specific people you met, that’s fine, but don’t then spam the whole delegate list.

And make no mistake, it is spam! If I send a speculative email to someone I haven’t met; it is spam. There are occasions when you have to do this as part of growing your database, but there are ways of doing it.

First, tell the truth; you didn’t meet or speak with me, but you would like to. Then tell me why. Offer me something, perhaps, for free, with no strings attached. And never, ever - at this early stage - ask for the sale; I don’t even know you!

And at least attempt to personalise it. Do it through Mail Chimp or similar so you can address it personally. Even better, send a personalised email to only those on the list who you genuinely have synergy with and could offer some kind of help or valuable content.

And if you think that’s everyone; think again.

To Business West:

A similar announcement to the Lloyds one at the beginning of the BW breakfasts would be most welcome.

To genuine networkers:

Apologies for teaching you to suck eggs; this post is not aimed at you.


 Let’s give NHS a voice! Networkers Hate Spam.

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