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Three months free office space for start-ups

While business confidence is improving and the government have created some useful programmes to help SME businesses, we are still working in a difficult economic environment and we need not just a strong feed of new businesses but to look … Continue reading

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Theo Paphitis Award-Winning Bristol Entrepreneur launches do it LIVE!

A Bristol young entrepreneur who caught the eye of a Dragon aims to give small business owners the tools to create and control their own marketing in one day. Danny Maddocks believes that a great website is essential for every … Continue reading

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Setting up office

However and wherever you work, there are a few basics to cover that ensure you are working efficiently and comfortably. Whether office based, home-worker or mobile-worker, there are common elements to the working environment, like location, furniture, comfort, IT set-up, … Continue reading

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The Critic Stumbles

In response to a post by Seth Godin Seth asks: ‘ Do mainstream critics exist to tell us what to like, to warn us off from the not-so-good, or are they there to punish those that would dare to make a … Continue reading

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Fed up with spam after networking events? Join the NHS!

I would like to start a campaign in support of NHS. Various agents have tried to change NHS policy, but I want to make it clear that there should be only one policy: Networkers Hate Spam. Am I the only … Continue reading

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Help! Where’s my IP address?

Many people, it seems, do not know how to set or change the IP address on their computer. This is something usually done by the IT guy and then forgotten about. Indeed, had I not been forced to learn due … Continue reading

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Why don’t do we ask for help?

Do we recognise when we need help? Do we know when to ask, who to ask? I don’t need help How many times have I said this? The answer is, more times than I care to remember. And you know … Continue reading

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Office space is no longer required

Sitting at your desk all day, working 9 – 5 Monday to Friday, seeing the same people every day, commuting in and out during rush hour, missing important time with your family. Who needs that? Well, it may surprise you … Continue reading

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Co-working and the space between us

I have been using the term co-working a lot recently: in relation to what I am doing at the Centre it is all about working with others, but I think it is also important to bear in mind that the … Continue reading

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Bristol’s newest and oldest co-working hub

The Colston Office Centre has just launched its’ co-working space with the first Jelly of 2013. With eight people from a host of different business attending on the 27th February, plus our experts at hand to provide advice and help … Continue reading

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