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A variety of training events take place at the Centre: join our mailing list to be kept up to date or simply ring to find out what is happening: 0117 317 8090.

Maths for Marketing: How the numbers lead to more business

All human activity that requires quantifiable knowledge uses mathematical tools to generate understanding. Marketing is no different.

Increasingly, data is available that can be analysed for marketing purposes and used for business applications, to help in areas like market research and customer profiling.

This workshop is a quick guide to several useful, current and interesting topics and summarises them so that you at least know some of the language associated with the math and perhaps feel more comfortable about interpreting and using it.

Topics include: mathematical models, and why we need them; numbers and what they mean; why and how to use graphs; and why statistics are important.

Following a degree in Physics Stephen Maudsley started his career in industrial research for Philips before moving into marketing technology products. Currently he's responsible for the development of mathematical tools for marketing applications.


Wednesday 18th April 2012: 1600-1800     £35.00 plus vat

Why Monitor Social Media?

Well the point of monitoring anything is to measure performance. If you don't know what your activity is achieving in terms of brand sentiment and sales generation, then how do you know whether it is working or not?

This seminar will be given by Nigel Legg of Churnbar to demonstrate the value of social media monitoring to businesses, both large and small.

It will be practical and hands-on: to show you some easy ways to find out what people are saying about your brand or industry, and talk about some of the more advanced methods that can be used.

Wednesday 2nd May 2012: 1600 - 1800     £35.00 plus vat





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