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Our IT partner - IT-Synergy - will provide computer support, maintenance, advice, software, cloud services, networking and wireless set-ups for all our clients at extremely competetive rates.

As a business, you are no doubt used to ocassional interruptions due to computer problems - it happens to all of us. If you don't have a pro-active computer maintenance programme in place, you are reliant on a reactive service that may or may not be quick enough. Waiting for a response can slow your business, impair your service to clients and cost you money.

What do you need?

• You need a quick response - IT-Synergy offer a 4 hour response time guarantee (it is usually much quicker)

• You need a knowledgeable expert who can resolve the issues quickly and without fuss - because he knows computers and, more specifically, your computers.

• Most of all, you need the expertise up front to ensure your systems are running well in teh first place and subsequent problems are minimised - this is wher the initial consultation and audit proves invaluable.

IT Support

£12.00 per computer, per month*

Includes initial consultation and audit; remote support and maintenance on hard drive, memory, installed software and back-up; includes install and monitoring of security system (Microsoft Security Essentials)

*IT-Synergy recommends that you have an external USB hard drive. Cost does not include any hardware. There is no allowance in these costs for misuse of equipment which should be treated with due care at all times. There should be no file-sharing software on the computer.

Encryption service

Like most people, you may have passwords on your desktop or laptop computer for protection, but what if it was lost or stolen? These passwords are fairly easy to bypass so if someone were to get hold of your hard drive, what protection have you got? Will your company data, client data and personal information be accessible to a determined hacker?

As well as being good practice and common sense, all companies have to show due diligence with respect to data protection and our Encryption Service will help you to ensure compliance.

Encryption jumbles your data so as to make it illegible. Even if anyone gets to your hard drive, they will not be able to see the information contained therein. Only your own security code makes it legible again. Whether or not any lost or stolen equipment is returned, you have peace of mind about your confidential data.

Data Encryption £70.00, per computer

(Please note, equipment will need to be taken off-site.)




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