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Serviced office space

Serviced offices have been around since the 'eighties.  In the US, they may have evolved from call centres for traveling salesmen. In the UK we have a precedent for sharing premises, staff and overheads in the shape of Barristers working together to form Chambers.

In essence, the provider usually rents space in a building, which is then converted into work-ready offices, meeting rooms and shared reception and switchboard. The provider then sub-lets directly to tenants on all-inclusive monthly rates and simple, short-term licenses.

Benefits of serviced offices

Whether you work from home, share office space with a friend or associate or lease space there is a strong argument for looking at how a serviced office in Bristol can help your business. Being in a serviced office can free up time, reduce costs and increase business.

Even if you are already in serviced space and know most of the benefits, there may be some ideas here that you or your centre have not yet thought about.

Free up your time

Time is a somewhat illusive resource. We are told it costs money, but the cost is intangible and if your finances are tight, it may be difficult to outsource in certain areas of your business. That said, your knowledge and the time you have to impart that knowledge are your assets and undoubtedly where you need to concentrate your efforts.

Good telephone management can answer calls when you are not there or are busy. You get the information immediately so you can react quickly. You can also have your unwanted calls fielded. You maintain a professional image but gain valuable time.

In serviced offices everything is done for you and included in the price or charged on a pay as you go basis: rates, utilities, refuse, maintenance, cleaning, furniture, etc., concierge and secretarial services You don't have to make all the arrangements and negotiate with several suppliers, which, again, saves you time.

Reduce costs

We are all looking to reduce our outgoings: negotiating with suppliers; cutting waste; using fewer staff to do more work. Any office space costs money, but serviced offices can still be of value – after all, a saving is not a saving if it costs you more time, as we have seen above.

Because your business centre provides so many on-site and outsourced services, you don't need staff to help with these tasks and neither do you have to do them yourself. This in turn means you also need less space and one of the beauties of serviced office space is that you only ever take – and pay for – the space you need.

In a business centre, the operator is buying services for the whole Centre. You pay a percentage of a cost that would be considerably more - pro-rata - if you were paying for just that space alone.

And because licenses are very simple and costs are low, there is no need for capital or borrowing for up front costs or dilapidations. You can also benefit from discounts the Centre may arranged with suppliers like stationery, IT support, etc.

Increase business

While you are scrabbling around trying to do everything, how much business are you missing out on? How can a business centre get you more business? Read on.

A professional, prestigious address for your business will help get you noticed; you can get an address where you need to be – near your clients and prospects or competition, for example; add your name to local directories; network and find partnerships with other businesses in the Centre.

When you can't take calls, your business centre can, enabling you to react faster to clients and prospects – many people don't like or trust voicemail, but feel reassured if they have spoken to a human.

At the Colston Office Centre we have arrangements with various local experts who are happy to offer our clients a free consultation, without obligation, to help their business: Areas include finance and tax, marketing, social media, business coaching, employment issues, health and safety.

We also have a library of interesting books, white papers, blogs and websites that offer an array of information on all aspects of business success. It's great to have these resources in one place without having to search for them yourselves – of course you probably have your own resources that you can bring in and share with others to increase the benefit.

Whatever your needs, we are bound to have a service that can help your business.

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