Colston Office Centre

Temporary office space requirements

There are many situations where you will only need office space temporarily, and, again, serviced offices are so flexible that they make the perfect option for projects and contract work.

If you have project work, or a short-term contract, a monthly license could be ideal. Take the time you require, no need to over-commit and you can extend or shorten as the business dictates.

You may need swing space, if you are moving. Sometimes the transition between different offices is not easy. We can help smooth it out. Again, rent for the period you need, no need to change telephone numbers, have the services you need and ensure a seemless move for your business and customers.

If you are looking for a disaster recovery option for your business planning, then look no further. You can brief us on what you need, we can be ready to go so that, if the worst were to happen, it would not affect your business adversely.



Working from home


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